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Microgrid | AC Solar + Storage

3 x 60 kWh Remote Research Stations

Off-grid power to 4 semi-mobile research stations located in the Arctic Circle, powered by solar PV, wind turbines, and backup diesel gen-set.

Microgrid | AC Solar + Storage

770 kWh Agricultural Microgrid

Fully integrated Battery Energy Storage System for a brand new chicken egg farm located in Woodstock, Ontario.

EV Charging | AC Solar + Storage

670 kWh City Transit Electrification and Charging

Support electric bus charging infrastructure and renewable integration (solar) at a municipal bus barn.

Microgrid | Indoor | AC Solar + Storage

220 kWh Indoor BESS (Solar + Storage)

Utilize a solar + storage system to reduce reliance on the grid and provide 100% renewable backup power.

AC Solar + Storage

2500 kWh FTM AC Solar + Storage - Norfolk, MA

1.2 MWh of storage condensed into a 20ft shipping container.

DC Solar + Storage

1300 kWh FTM DC Solar + Storage - Sharon, MA

DC Solar + Storage

1000 kWh FTM AC Solar + Storage - Methuen, MA

Interconnection of highly oversized solar PV arrays, with ratios approaching 4 to 1 (PV kWp : AC grid capacity kW-AC).

Microgrid | Wind + Storage

3500 kWh Inuvik Highpoint Wind Microgrid

Design of a unique system capable of withstanding the most extreme arctic temperatures in Inuvik, NWT.

Global Adjustment

2500 kWh Global Adjustment - Mississauga, ON

Design of a standardized, scalable, low-cost BESS for global adjustment mitigation in Mississauga, ON.

Microgrid | AC Solar + Storage

5200 kWh Community Grid Resiliency

Design and installation of a battery energy storage system for grid resiliency in Waterton, AB.