AC Solar + Storage | EV Charging

670 kWh City Transit Electrification and Charging

The main purpose of this system was to support Electric Bus Charging infrastructure at a local municipal service yard. An Energy Storage System capable of 149 kVA continuous power and 600 kWhr of energy storage and a 200 kWp solar PV array were AC Coupled to a distribution panel board. A set of 6 EV Bus Fast Chargers were also connected.

The ESS controls were programmed to minimize grid contributions to charging the buses by charging from excess solar PV production and displacing charger loads. The overall impact was to minimize both energy and demand charges from the utility. Eneon-ES was responsible for design, build, system integration, and commissioning of the ESS. The system has been commissioned as of August 2019.




Grande Prairie, AB


670 kWh


150 kW