Get the right system for your application with the best energy storage and power conversion equipment available on the market today.

Flexible Architecture

Allows for the rapid adoption of any type of PCS, battery, or switchgear.

Integrated System Controls

Modular architecture supports a multitude of system components.

Collaborative Design

We work together with clients to ensure optimal designs and timelines.


Cabinets are designed to provide scalability and ease of installation, while maintaining the safety and durability of the entire system.


-30C to 50C

Fire Rating

1 Hour Minimum

Available Type

Air Cooled/ Liquid Cooled

Environmental Protection


Experience the highest standards of quality control and safety.

Every Flexblock is proudly built in North America, thoroughly inspected in our facility, and certified to the most stringent requirements of your local jurisdictional regulations.

Eneon Warranty

Up to 20 years of complete coverage.

Eneon offers comprehensive defect and performance warranty packages, covering all of Flexblock’s major components and subsystems. Coupled with Eneon’s operational maintenance and monitoring, you can ensure maximum up-time for the life of your Flexblock system.

Intelligent controls

Eneon Site Controller. Seriously intelligent.

Flexblock’s integrated Site Controller interfaces with all BESS components, including BMS, PCS, safety, and environmental systems. The system’s intelligent controls and cloud-based monitoring provide detailed performance and operational overviews of your entire energy portfolio.

Maintenance & Monitoring Packages

Operational peace of mind with 24/7 visibility and support.

Full service program

Our qualified technicians fully maintain Flexblock, monitor the performance, and watch for deviations. If local support is required, we will dispatch our technicians to rectify any issues.

Remote monitoring program

We train our clients and third party service personnel to properly maintain Flexblock. If local support is required, we will alert site personnel and can support remotely to rectify any issues.

Built in North America

The build quality you can trust.

With over a decade of integrating complex electrical systems, we bring the highest level of quality to every Flexblock system we build.

Collaborative Approach

Developed to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Our unique collaborative approach with our clients ensures that Flexblock’s architecture features the most optimized sizing, layout, and BESS tech configuration. This helps us enhance all aspects of the project while delivering the best results possible.

Feel the power.

Discover the ultimate flexibility Flexblock provides to energy companies across Canada and the USA.