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10 yearsBESS Design & Integration
20 yearsystem life
100%Safety Compliance

Truly flexible BESS architecture supercharged by the Eneon Site Controller.

Designed to withstand the harshest environments. Engineered to meet the most stringent regulatory codes.

Meet Flexblock

We design and integrate cutting-edge BESS systems that meet the highest safety and quality control standards, ensuring a safer and more sustainable future.

Featured Projects

3 x 60 kWh Remote Research Stations

Off-grid power to 4 semi-mobile research stations located in the Arctic Circle, powered by solar PV, wind turbines, and backup diesel gen-set.

770 kWh Agricultural Microgrid

Fully integrated Battery Energy Storage System for a brand new chicken egg farm located in Woodstock, Ontario.

670 kWh City Transit Electrification and Charging

Support electric bus charging infrastructure and renewable integration (solar) at a municipal bus barn.

220 kWh Indoor BESS (Solar + Storage)

Utilize a solar + storage system to reduce reliance on the grid and provide 100% renewable backup power.

1300 kWh FTM DC Solar + Storage - Sharon, MA

2500 kWh FTM AC Solar + Storage - Norfolk, MA

1.2 MWh of storage condensed into a 20ft shipping container.

“Eneon’s comprehensive technical support and adaptability throughout the project were instrumental in delivering a successful final product.”

Neil Cumming, FortisAlberta inc.

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