Microgrid | AC Solar + Storage

770 kWh Agricultural Microgrid

In 2018, Eneon-ES supplied Burnbrae Farms, via Ruby 360 (General Contractor), a fully integrated Battery Energy Storage System for a brand new chicken egg farm located in Woodstock, Ontario.


Burnbrae Farms


Woodstock, ON


770 kWh


150 kW

The main purpose of the BESS was to supply 250 kW of 3 phase off-grid power to 3 state of the art chicken egg barns, supplied primarily by a 500 kWp DC Coupled solar PV array, 770 kWhr LiNMC battery bank, with a diesel generator backup. This system required multiple redundant backups to ensure at least 2 levels of redundancy. To maximize the output of the solar PV array, additional inverters were added to the system to allow excess energy to be exported back to an existing single-phase facility on the same property.

Eneon-ES developed an Energy Management System and Site Controller which managed the following major functions of the system:

  • Charging of batteries from the solar PV array
  • Regulating supply power to the off-grid load
  • Automating import/export to the secondary grid connection
  • Automated operation of the backup generator
  • Customer facing remote monitoring solution supporting mobile and desktop access
  • Low level functions such as BESS thermal regulation and fire suppression integration

Eneon-ES was responsible for the design, procurement, and build of the microgrid power system including batteries, inverters, solar PV array, switchgear, controls, and containerization. This system has been operational since February 2018 and was certified against UL9540.